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Talking on the Moon

Jul 25, 2017


Young entrepreneur and the creator of The Blaise Tech “Bingus” Blaise Fisk joins the podcast to explain how the multi chambered, stainless steel , ice cooled  Bingus will take your weed smoking game to a #wholenotherlevel


Mar 6, 2017

Reddit asked for it and Talking on the Moon delivered with the much anticipated Black Mirror: White Christmas show. Alex and Kris sink their freshly bleached teeth into a big fat side of Black Mirror for a much needed philosophical interpretation of reddits favorite episode White Christmas. 


Questions and comments...

Nov 8, 2016

Talking on the Moons first NFL preview show of the 2016 season. Today we welcome my good friend and fantasy champ Alex Ritz to the show to discuss all of the week 9 match-ups throughout the league and Alex the "Fantasy Champ" himself gives his secret "Ritz- picks" at the super low price of free. Remember to subscribe if...

Jul 30, 2016

An afternoon interview with my long time friend and old roommate Amber. Amber is a roller derby head banger who also teaches Zumba at L.A. fitness and manages a local veterinary hospital in San Diego. We talk about the joy of being a new mother and wife and why she doesn't like her husband wearing flannel. She explains...

Practicing Grit Through A Recession

Jul 6, 2016

By. Kristopher Loranger

Practicing Grit Through A Recession


                The year 2007 seems like a lifetime ago to most people, but not to me. I’ll always remember what was stolen from me. In December of 2007 the American housing market completely collapsed. I was a 22 year old who had just finished a four year...