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Talking on the Moon

Feb 24, 2018

Michael Phillips is a legend in the making when it comes to sports art. Mike focuses most of his artist energy towards painting American Football players (NFL), he’s also been known to paint a Boston terrier or two.


Mike recently graduated with a degree in psychology from Texas Tech University and offers and...

Feb 11, 2018

Super Bowl LII pregamming with Alex Gautama Ritz one of the great philosophy minds our time forecasts the entire 2018 season and makes correlations between Black Mirror and how the Patriots Gillete stadium is built on aluminum which translates roughly to an Illuminati new world order. 

Kris and Alex determine the...

Feb 3, 2018

Jamie Looney is an 11 year Veteran of the Marine Corps , Practicing Christian Stoic, and Head of Unite Pacific Inc a commercial real estate consulting group located in Carlsbad, CA joins Kris Loranger Live in studio.

 Share Ideas with Jamie: